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For the nation’s estimated 200,000 Jews, new forms of old hatreds are stoking fear. In nearly every measurable way, the Norwegian correctional system is a radical departure from cold, harsh American prisons and jails. Yet those stark differences were exactly what led officials in New York City to travel recently to Norway.

But all high-concept heroics aside, leaving Hespèrion XXI players so often silent for the closing hour of their own concert creates some problems with momentum. Yet at this stage of a varied and luminous career, each new risk taken by Mr. Savall — and each moment that he and his ensemble are playing — can still feel like a cultural experience worth the journey. Long before his reality-show fame, though, Mr. Boesch was famous to a few: other SEALs, the informal name for members of the Navy’s specially trained Sea-Air-Land units. In the 1960s he was chief of SEAL Team 2, one of the first two SEAL units formed.

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Rated R. A wave of mutilation. Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes. Mr. Iglesias and his party, he stressed, had supported “Bolivarian Communism” and several far-left politicians in Latin America.

• Lo que significa el fin del acuerdo de no proliferación nuclear de 1987. El gobierno estadounidense de Donald Trump anunció que abandonará el Tratado sobre Misiles de Alcance Medio y Corto (INF) [en inglés] que Washington firmó con Rusia hace más de treinta años, por considerar que no se respetaba. Vladimir Putin dijo en respuesta que Moscú reiniciará el desarrollo del armamento que ese acuerdo prohibía, como misiles balísticos o de crucero lanzados desde tierra que tengan alcances de entre 500 y 5500 kilómetros y, lo que es más preocupante, que no sostendrá nuevas conversaciones de desarme con Estados Unidos. Se podría desatar una nueva carrera armamentística como en la Guerra Fría. In the best example I know personally, following the devastating loss of her 12-year-old son, Sammy Cohen Eckstein, who was killed by a car in front of his house, Amy Cohen co-founded a group called Families for Safe Streets to combat dangerous conditions and reckless driving on New York City streets. This Brooklyn mom has worked tirelessly to promote slower speeds and expanded use of speed cameras to spare other families such tragic losses.

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Log InOnce you've specified the timeframe, you get a list of all of your Alexa commands. Click one to listen to it -- or select one, or multiple recordings -- and delete them. If you want to remove all of your recordings, choose "all history" for the date range and you'll have an option to "delete all recordings for all history." Some people around her doubted that a woman could run a company. Many suggested that she bring on a male executive. She wrote: “I could still hear the businessman who, upon learning that I was president of the company, proclaimed, ‘But you’re a woman.’ My response to him? ‘You know, I noticed that when I got up this morning.’”