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300 Click for offerIf there’s surprisingly little blame to go around in a book with so much potential for it, there’s also a curious lack of context. Except for passages about the deaths of James Byrd Jr., a black Texan who was chained to the back of a truck by white supremacists and dragged to his death in 1998, and Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming college student who was beaten and left to die that same year, Jones’s memoir, which is structured as a series of date-stamped vignettes, exists largely separate from the culture of each time period. That decision keeps the reader in a kind of hypnotic, claustrophobic trance, where all that seems to matter is Jones’s dexterous storytelling. In addition to his wife and his daughter Elizabeth Chambers, he is survived by two other daughters, Marianne Taylor and Jane Nelson; three sons, Leejay, Larry and Jerry; six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. His marriage to Margot Humphries ended in divorce.

The second-generation Kwikset Kevo unlocks with the tap of a finger within Bluetooth range.  For farmers around the world, “these are hard conversations to have,” Dr. Carter said. “Agriculture hasn’t changed a whole heck of a lot. But they are willing to change if it makes sense to them, if there is a market, if they can do it gradually, rather than when they’re backed into a corner.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEIn a week when President Trump suddenly cranked up trade tensions with China and the central bank moved to counter economic uncertainties, the American labor market offered a comforting steadiness. You might also read the two Op-Eds below, which argue different points of view on the issue:

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYFacebook sells advertisers on its access to real people — 2.32 billion of them, a network that exceeds the populations of North America, South America and Africa combined. Costs ,189 a year in taxes

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Meet the Facebook Portal TV, a 9 video chatting device I wholeheartedly don't recommend.   HONG KONG — Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, said Wednesday that the government would withdraw a contentious extradition bill that ignited months of protests in the city, moving to quell the worst political crisis since the former British colony returned to Chinese control 22 years ago.

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The longing for lost pastures persists even in the grimy heart of Manhattan, where millions of tourists each year walk the High Line, whose graffitied elevated train tracks have been paved over and seeded with the likes of Cheyenne Sky red switch grass, its flared tips dark as wine; fountaining Atlas fescue; and big bluestem, tough and upright, whose roots can run 12 feet deep. Joints in the concrete purposefully invite the encroachment of wild grass: nature reclaiming space once ceded to the city. The ugly incident was not the first episode of racist behavior in Italian soccer, but the reaction to it highlighted efforts to brush such behavior under the carpet. When the young Juventus striker Moise Kean was subjected to similar abuse at Cagliari last season — one of a string of high-profile cases recently at the stadium — his coach and one of his teammates initially blamed him for provoking it.

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Two of his fellow farmers have killed themselves due to the stress, Van der Merwe said. Joachim Wilhelm Messing was born on Sept. 10, 1946, in Duisburg, Germany, to Heinrich and Martha (Pfeifer) Messing. His father was a mason and had expected Jo to take over the family business when he grew up. His mother was more supportive of his decision to pursue science.

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Linda Gregg, who explored beauty, loss, struggle and desire in award-winning poetry that was spare but intense and deeply evocative, died on March 20 in Manhattan. She was 76. The only difference between fridge-cold eggs and room temperature eggs is that room temperature eggs will cook about a minute faster.

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