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Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber and Facebook, as well as internet service providers Comcast, Cox, Verizon and AT&T, had already started lining up against the ballot initiative. Some donated to the Committee to Protect California Jobs, an independent expenditure committee that opposes the ballot initiative. HOLT:

It's the latest switch-up at Nest, which was started by former Apple hardware guru Tony Fadell and bought by Google for .2 billion in 2014. Alphabet folded Nest back into Google in February after letting it operate for three years as a semi-independent subsidiary of Alphabet. Those subsidiaries, which show up on Alphabet's balance sheet as "other bets," also include self-driving car company Waymo and the investment arm GV. His brother Issa said he suspects the settlers were part of a setup by political rivals who hoped to embarrass the groom’s father. Or perhaps it was just an instance of intimidation.

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That practice comes with legal concerns, Guliani said. Police need a warrant to track a specific person's whereabouts, as the Supreme Court decided last June regarding phone location data. But with facial recognition, authorities can get around this limitation. Follow Brian M. Rosenthal on Twitter at @brianmrosenthal

An obituary on Thursday about Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg misstated the nature of his participation in the Allied invasion of France in 1944. He arrived in Normandy in the days after D-Day, when troops first landed on the beaches there — not on D-Day itself. In addition, the headline with the obituary misstated his age. As the obituary correctly noted, he was 98, not 88. Cardinal Willem Eijk, the archbishop of Utrecht in the Netherlands and a conservative close to Cardinal Burke, received an award from Mr. Salvini at the university event in October. In an interview, he said he hoped the church was “inspiring” to Mr. Salvini and that Mr. Salvini would, in turn, bring its teachings into the public sphere. He had no problem with Mr. Salvini’s nationalism.

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Log In“I find so much of this present moment to be a picking up, a revival, of where King left off,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said, before being played off to James Brown. “Bigotry, sexism, and xenophobia are the easiest ways to distract from substantive discussions of classism.” For contemporary-art lovers, Art Basel is a cornucopia of finds, from site-specific installations and videos to sculptures, photography and paintings.